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Terms and conditions

By signing and submitting this form, I accept the terms and conditions mentioned above and I authorize that my data be processed by Amigable., in order to provide me with the requested service, and send me information related to said service. ☑︎

In the case of minors, these terms and conditions must be accepted by the father, mother or legal guardian.


*Mode of Payment: Payment options for our services include cash, debit or credit card transactions online, cheques payable to “AMIGABLE INSTITUTE OF LANGUAGES LLP Ltd.”, or bank transfer. Please refer to the bank transfer details provided at the conclusion of this form. Thank you for your payment in advance.

*Payment includes: tuition, classes, part of the material, exams, certification and GST.

*Payments must be made at least 1 week before the start of the course after receipt of Invoice on your register mail.

Coupon Code: During special offer days, coupon codes will be valid only within the specified time frame and cannot be manually applied once expired. Distribution of these codes is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that once the specified time frame has elapsed, the coupon codes will no longer be applicable.

*Non Refundable Policy:The payment of the courses is non-refundable unless the course does not start due to unexpected logistical reasons, or due to an insufficient number of students. For general Spanish courses (A1 to C2), the minimum is 6 students; for DELE preparation courses, Spanish for young learners and Spanish for children, the minimum is 4 students. 

*Strenghth of Batch :The minimum requirement for the general Spanish course is six students. In the event that the course begins with only three or four students, the duration of the course will be reduced to a total of 40 hours, as opposed to the original 50 hours.

*Postponement of Batch :In certain situations, if there are not enough students on the first day of the course, the course may be delayed by 4 weeks until the desired number of students is met. If this poses an issue for someone, they may request a refund of their payment.. 

*Batch Transfer :Transfers to another group are allowed only for six months from the start date of the course. If a student changes groups during that time period, there will be a transfer fee charge of INR. 5500+ GST. Course change is only allowed for justified reasons. Each transfer fee applies to only 1 transfer.

* Re Exam:If the student does not write the final exam with the rest of the group on the scheduled day, he/she can do it on another day but it will be chargeable: INR. 2200+ GST for the written exam and INR. 700+ GST for the oral exam. The students are requested to respect the days scheduled for exams.

*Make Up classes: If a student misses more than week sessions, he/she can pay 800 Plus GST for a private make-up class, or in case of 1-2 sessions he/she can avail the recording of class he/she missed from admin

Level test:New students at Amigable Institute with Spanish proficiency must take a written and oral test to determine which course level to enroll in. The test costs INR 350 plus GST, but if the student enrolls, the fee will be deducted from their registration cost..

*Our students can attend free of cost our cultural events and activities: Spanish movie discussions, cooking classes, Spanish writing competitions, conversation and culture classes with native speakers, reading club, etc.

*Attendance & Punctuality :Our students are requested to be punctual, to keep the video camera on (Zoom classes), and always to be respectful to others.

Private Sessions: Private sessions will be scheduled for a specific time period, and it is important to follow the agreed-upon days and timings. In case of emergency or festivals, up to 5 cancellations are allowed within a 3-month period, excluding gazetted holidays. However, if there are more cancellations, the session will be counted and forfeited, and no further cancellations will be permitted.

Disucssion Forums : In order to facilitate communication regarding the cancellation of sessions for children under the age of 10, it is imperative that guardian details be provided upon joining institute forum groups with faculty. Furthermore, for private sessions with children aged 10 and above, it is necessary to furnish the mailing address of the guardian in order to disseminate weekly or monthly reports.

*Student’s personal data: Amigable Institute of Languages upholds the provisions of the Data Protection Act and highly regards the confidentiality of the information of its enrolled students. The institution utilizes the data solely for the purpose of promoting its Spanish language courses and refrains from any other use.