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Among all European countries for study abroad, Spain may be one of the most underappreciated. Studying in Spain provides high-quality education at par with global standards and various postgraduate options. When it comes to studying abroad, Spain may not be instantly preferred, but it should be seriously considered. One of the reasons is the availability of Spain scholarships for Indian students. 

scholarship is a monetary award granted to an individual based on need or merit. It may be related to your present financial status or your college major. The amount of a scholarship varies and can come from various sources, including the government.

There are many scholarships available in Spain for Indian students. Many colleges and universities provide scholarships in the form of tuition waivers or financial help. The government also offers several scholarships.

Do you know French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna has announced an ambitious plan for France to welcome 20,000 Indian students into the country by 2025? This initiative is expected to lead to a significant influx of Indian students studying in France. Besides being a tourist hotspot, it is equally known for its quality education and academic infrastructure. One can pursue higher studies in France at a lower price with hundreds of scholarship opportunities. The French embassy in India, French universities, business schools, and various organizations in France offer scholarships to almost 500 meritorious Indian students yearly who desire to pursue their post-graduation or PhD in France.

The French Foreign Ministry and the higher educational institutions in France award several deserving international students various prestigious scholarship opportunities. Almost every field of study has government and non-government scholarship programs for master’s degrees, Ph.D., and internships. This means along with the typical streams like science, arts, engineering, and business, fields like law, films and new media, culinary studies, and many more, programs also award scholarships to students with excellent academic records. Special scholarships are available only for women pursuing higher education in some subjects. 

Popular France Scholarships for Indian Students

The government of France awards the Charpak Scholarship. This scholarship is for Indian students. It is named after the Nobel Prize winner, French physicist Georges Charpak. Public and private university students pursuing either under or post-graduation are eligible for this scholarship. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students involved in research projects on internships are also eligible for this scholarship.